Thornton Heights United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Touching Lives Through the Power of God's Love
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100 Westbrook St.
South Portland, Maine
Phone: (207) 774-0487
Sunday Worship: 9:30 am
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10:00-3:00 pm
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Rev. Gwyneth Arrison
(207) 449-5010 (Pastor's Cell)
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Sue Galbraith
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100 Westbrook Street
South Portland, ME 04106
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Reconciling Ministries

Who did Jesus hang out with most often? If you read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John you will learn quickly that it was the marginalized. 2000 years ago those on the margins of society included lepers and tax collectors. Today's marginalized people include gay and lesbian people, transgender people, asylum seekers, disabled persons, illegal immigrants, homeless and those struggling with addiction ... just to name a few. These are the folks Jesus would be "hanging out with" today so this is likewise who we at Thornton Heights UMC aim to show God's love and welcome into our church family. 
What about the United Methodist Denomination? The official stance of the denomination since 1968 has been to deny LGBTQ+ people full participation in the church  (including marriage and following God's call to serve in ordained ministry).  Although many have sought to change this language, there are some United Methodist Churches that have decided to leave the denomination because they feel progressive change is not happening fast enough.
There are many other churches that are currently leaving because they support the current restrictive language in the denomination and disagree with the interpretation of Scripture that would include full participation in the church by LGBTQ+ people. Some of these churches will join the new Global Methodist Church, and others will withdrawal from any denominational connection. 
In reality, most churches, including Thornton Heights is made up of Christians who disagree on matters of sexuality but still love one another as family and worship and serve in mission together. ALL are welcome in our church and we encourage respectful dialog and humble listening to one another so we might all grow together in Christ's love.
Official Reconciling Statement:  Thornton Heights UMC is committed to following Jesus embraces Jesus' message that God loves and accepts every person. Jesus calls us to the ministry of reconciliation and grace. Therefore, we invite and welcome all persons of every age, sexual orientation, gender identity, racial or ethnic background, marital or socioeconomic status, nationality, physical and mental ability into full participation in the life of this faith community. We are committed to the reconciliation of all persons as children of God and declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming Reconciling congregation.